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The past has been the secret link to our future, even if not always obvious. 

It is hidden in the thoughts behind our product and in the little details that constitute the typical Evolve Back holiday experience. 

The past invokes the Spirit of the land and influences the communities who inhabit our destinations.


These influences are unique and have given birth to a multitude of singular customs, crafts and modes 

of being, that define these local societies and their relationships with the land. It is this chronicle of cultural inventions and expressions that we recall and celebrate through this campaign... so that they may remain 'Unforgotten'.


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Tejas Joseph


Tejas Joseph resides in Auroville near Puducherry and is part of a consulting group engaged in creating viable models of solar lighting for off-grid Indian villages. An avid traveler, Tejas feels a deep connection with the history and ethos of the places he visits. He is a keen observer of the winds of change that are now blowing across the physical, cultural and social landscapes of India and seeks to capture its effects in his articles, ever believing that the journey is as important as the destination, the travel as rewarding as the arrival! 

He is the Assoc. Director - Responsible Tourism, Evolve Back.


Sudeep Gurtu


Sudeep Gurtu is a Bangalore based photographer. Having graduated in Interior Design from The Academy of Architecture in Mumbai, he took up photography as a profession soon after. He has worked on a wide and varied spectrum of projects in advertising and editorial fields – ranging from people and fashion, still life and product, food and beverages, besides working extensively with the hospitality segment – employing his familiarity with interiors, architecture and F & B. He has held a fine art photography exhibition ‘Take a Closer Look’, and has also collaborated on the book ‘The Vanishing Kodavas’. 

To follow his work log onto

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